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The Prize for Distinguished Achievement in Social Philosophy

Recognizing groundbreaking, courageous, and critical work in social philosophy

There has been a recent upsurge of interest in questions of social epistemology, social ontology, theories about social groups, institutions, cate- gories, and identities, and critical theories of race, gender, class, ability, animality, and the natural en-vironment.

The Prize for Distinguished Achievement in Social Philosophy was established to support these trends and recognize work that is open to challenging es- tablished methodological and disciplinary bounda-ries, renewing traditions of critical social thought, and confronting the crises, struggles, and social problems of the present. We especially aim to cele- brate contributions that open institutional and in-tellectual possibilities to young scholars.


The Prize was developed by a group of faculty and students at the New School for Social Research and Vanderbilt University as an expression of a shared conviction of the importance of world-oriented and politically engaged philosophizing.

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